Friday, 17 February 2012

In the 80s, Genting Highlands strange matter

Found this story from the internet…

In the 80s, there’s a young couple in the locality. The wife never goes to the Genting Highlands casino, she wanted to go but her husband strongly disapproved.

His wife keep on ask her husband to bring her so husband have no choice and decided to bring her. The couple brings some cash to the casino, at first they keep on win but after 12am they start to lose money. Until 2 to 3am they completely lose all the money that they have won.

They have no money to stay at the hotel for a night so they have no choice but to drive their car in the middle of the night down the hill. Halfway down the road, their car suddenly has no oil. Surrounding has no car because it’s in the middle of the night and nearby has no house. Her husband called her wife to stay well at the car and don’t leave the car. Her husband then went out to look for help.

His wife feels sleepy and she takes nap. She did not know how long has rested, when wakes up unexpectedly her husband not yet comes back.

She does not dare to leave her car. She stay in the car for long time suddenly thought that has a matter to be very strange. She sits on the car, occasionally by far will see car travel in normal speed and when passing by her car, will use the very quick speed to overrun, will then use the normal speed to continue again. The wife getting more fear, but supposing did not know how long her husband went and is not yet back.

Later, some police car suddenly appear, is away from section of distances to the wife with the loudspeaker broadcast, will want the wife to get out of the car and move faster towards the police car, and absolutely cannot look back.

The wife is afraid, has no idea what is going on, even police will ask her to come forward. She got out, walks toward the police car and does not look back according to the word.

When arrived on the police car, a police officer looks frighten and use force to pull her into the car.

The wife look back, the police car rapidly goes but still she is able see…

A ghost wears white clothing with green face and shape teeth, biting onto a head. The other day police search for her husband, just 200 meters away from their car they discover her husband corpse but... with headless body.

This matter at that time becomes big news, even the newspaper also has the black-and-white photograph, probably is one of the police officer who shoots it. Nearly each Malaysian tour guide knows this story and also has that publication black-and-white photograph clippings.

To be continued…

Next post will tell you the reason why her husband will encounter this.

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