Thursday, 9 February 2012

Haunted Ria Apartment, Genting Highlands

What was supposed to be a happy holiday turned out to be a nightmare to a friend of mine, Sheryn, when something unexpected happened to she and another 2 girlfriend of hers. Planning to enjoy the cool breezy hilltop resort, they planned out to travel with a group of friends. What they didn’t know was their choice of accomodation, Ria Apartment, Genting Highlands was haunted.

It started out when a group of them planned for a stumptuous dinner at thier rented apartment. So it turned out that a group of them went out to enjoy the breeze, another group of males planned to checkout the whole resort and as for Sheryn and another 2 of her girlfriends, they decided to be the chefs and stayed back to cook the dinner.

All was fun at the kitchen when she and her friends gathered to prepare the ingrediants when suddenly they hear noises from the living room. The noises were really loud and sounded like people enjoying themselves with a game of mahjong. Sheryn could hear people talking loudly and calling out the game’s card and thought that her group of friends were back from their short walk. She then get a glimpse of the living room to see who was back and asked them to help out instead.

As soon as she stepped out of the kitchen, the noises mysteriously stopped. To her astonishment, there wasn’t a single soul. Curious that she might hear things wrongly (although she was positively sure she heard the noises), she walked back into the kitchen wondering. Again, the noises started as mysteriously as it stopped. Her 2 girlfriends looked as frightened as she was when they realized that the apartment was haunted

Quickly, she and her girlfriends decided to stop cooking and hang out at the living room instead. All the 3 girls were still very much afraid when the walked into the living room. Because they were so scared of hearing the mysterious noises again, one of her friends suggested to turn the radio on.

The 3 of them walked towards the radio when all of a sudden Sheryn heard someone from behind calling her “Wui!”. Automatically, Sheryn turned her head to have a look at who was that and yet, there was no one except her 2 other friends who were too busy meddling with the radio’s switches.

Author’s Note : Sheryn never told me what really happened after that but I personally stayed in the apartment before and there’s always a creepie feeling about the whole location

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